White Light imaging of the Solar Corona.

Konstantinos Emmanouilides
Is going to take images of the White Light Solar Corona through various telescopes and telephoto lens which are going to reveal the Solar Corona stracture in great detail.
Konstantinos is a dedicated amateur astronomer who has seen until now 5 total solar eclipses and he is the most experienced of all in that sector.

Solar Corona Spectroscopy

Orsoula Avgouli

Is a student in Physics department. She is going to take High Resolution Spectra of the Solar corona in order to record and measure the relative intensity of the two coronal lines (Red and Green)

George Xystouris
Is also a student in Physics department. He is going to take Low Resolution spectra of the Solar Chromosphere (Flash Spectrum) in order to see if some high temperature ionization emission lines are present or they have vanished.

Solar Corona imaging in Near Ir and Near UV

Konstantinos Emmanouilides
During the totality he is going to perform a second set of imaging (not only the white light). He is going to use a cooled astronomical CCD and UV-IR pass filters in order to record the solar corona in 807, 1000 and 350nm.