Everything started in 1999 when two young amateur astronomers observed that year's  Total Solar Eclipse. Konstantinos Emmanouilides saw it from  Bulgaria and Iakovos Strikis from Constantinople (Istanbul) in Turkey.  Several years later they went together to the Greek Island of Kastelorizo to observe the eclipse of 2006. There they met   Athanasios Kouloumvakos, Orsoula Avgouli and professor Xenophon Moussas.  This event marked the beginning of  a  close cooperation between Strikis, Kouloumvakos and professor Moussas in solar observational physics and of the consolidation of our Solar Eclipse Team.

      After the eclipse of 2009 our team was joined by  Mr.  George Xystouris and prof.  Panagiota Preka who helped us analyze the data we had taken at previous eclipses. A few months before the Total Solar Eclipse of 2010 two more amateurs  joined our group:  Konstantinos Emmanouilides and  Orsoula Avgouli.

      What is great about our team is that a strong friendship exists between all its members as they share a common passion: to unlock the secrets of the Universe.